The phone number is +371 28 28 88 28 / +37128444222. You can call anytime.

Yes, you can check the price of a rental car before booking! All you need to do is select the relevant dates and car class. The price will be calculated automatically.

YES, You only need a Power of Attorney if you want to travel outside the European Union (EU), e.g. to Russia, Belarus.

Call the Police or write the agreed statement if it is minor damage. Write to Ozy Group Ltd about the insurance claim. 

Yes, it is valid throughout Europe. No international driving licence required. 

The minimum age is 20 years. Under 20s are charged a higher rental fee, as there is a higher risk in handing over a car to a renter with minimal driving experience at Ozy Group Ltd.

The car can be picked up at Riga Airport, Dzirnieku iela 16. ” in the parking lot of Ozy Group Ltd. You must also return the car there. If the car is parked in another car park, the customer will be charged in accordance with the car park tariffs set by Riga International Airport.

YES, all Autorent cars are covered by a special car rental Casco policy and compulsory third party insurance.

There is no extra charge if you want to rent a car during the working day (09:00-18:00), otherwise for a fee of EUR 15.00 . 

Unfortunately, the money paid is not refunded because the rent depends on the number of days, in which case the rental period and the daily rate would have to be recalculated.

Cash is accepted, but a credit or debit card is required to pre-authorise the deposit. Pre-authorisation is the act of locking a specific amount on your card for a specific period of time, after which the amount is unlocked. 

YES, child seats can be rented for children of all ages.

Once you have booked your car online on our website, you will receive an invoice for the car rental services to the email address you have provided. You will also receive an email message confirming approval or refusal.

You get a car, a minibus with a full tank, and you have to return it with a full tank. 

Smoking is CATEGORICALLY prohibited. If this happens, you will have to pay a fine for this offence in our rental cars. 

YES, this is possible if a car of the relevant class is available on site at the Autonomous Autorent. 

Our car rental service guarantees a specific car rental class, we do not guarantee a specific model. 

The mileage limit is up to 300 km per day. 

A personal identification number is an identification number that belongs to a person, usually found in passports, identification cards and driving licences. If you do not have a personal ID number, please provide the date, month and year of birth when booking, e.g. 12011980 (12 January 1980).