Our telephone is number: +371 28 28 88 28 / +37128444222. You can call at any time.

Yes, you can get a quote before making a carhire reservation! You will need to choose the time period and vehicle class. The price calculation will be given automatically.

An authorization is necessary only if you wish to leave the European Union (EU) countries, for instance, Russia or Belarus. 

No. There is a territorial restriction- Baltic Countries– Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Call the police or write a coordinated report if the damages are of minor character. Then you will need to submit the report to  Autorent for the insurance case to be settled.

Yes, it is valid throughout Europe. An international driving license is not a mandatory requirement.  For citizens of the USA it is recommended to obtain an international driving license to be used with your current license.

You must be a minimum of 20 years old to receive the standard rate. If the person is younger than 20, the vehicle will be rented at a higher price due to less experienced drivers creating a greater risk factor for Carrental Autorent. 

You can pick-up the vehicle at the Dzirnieku street 16 Marupe. This is also where you have to return the vehicle. If the vehicle is parked in a different area, a parking fee will be collected from the client in accordance with the rate of the relevant parking lot at Riga Airport. 

Yes, all Autorent vehicles are insured with a special car rental Kasko insurance policy and mandatory third party liability insurance.

No additional fees apply if you wish to receive the vehicle during the regular operating hours (9:00-18:00), however beyond the working hours, a fee of 15.00 EUR will be applied. 

Unfortunately, the paid money will not be reimbursed, because the rental fee depends on the number of days, and therefore the rental term and daily fee would have to be recalculated. 

Payments can be made in cash, however a credit card or a debit card is required for pre-authorization. The pre-authorization involves freezing 150 EUR on your card for short time period, and afterward the money will be unfrozen. 

Yes, you can rent child-seats for children of all ages.

If you book your vehicle on our website, then you will receive a booking confirmation to the e-mail that you have indicated. You will also receive instant notification about confirmation or denial of the transaction.

You will receive a vehicle with full tank, and you also must return it with full tank.

Smoking is strictly forbidden. A penalty charge will apply for smoking in our rental cars.

Yes, if the desired vehicle is available at the Car Rental Autorent location.

Our car rental guarantees only a particular car rental class, we do not guarantee a specific model. 

The mileage limit is 300 km per 24 hours.  There will additional charges added for exceeding the milage limit in increments of 100 km.

ID number is person”s identification number. Ussually this number is printed in the pasport, ID card and in the driving license. In case you do not have ID munber, please indicate your birth, month, year. Excample, if your date of birth is on 12 January, 1980, please write your ID number like this: 12/01/1980.